About Joey

Joey Koh is a son dearly loved by God. Other things could be said about him, but none so flattering, so remarkable, so true.

By day he works in a hedge fund (where, obviously, he plots tirelessly to wreak havoc in global financial markets). On Sundays, he attends the Garrison Church (part of Church Hill) at the Rocks, Sydney, along with a number of wonderful people. In between, he does a bit of this, and a bit of that, and often he can’t explain where all his time went – as in this occasion. Though he has been spotted on a number of occasions playing board games, and poker, and sometimes (if lured by his friends) he has ventured outside for a spot of tennis – though he is slightly more accomplished in the mini version of table tennis.

Told you the other things wouldn’t be as good.



    A Question of Law

    Fri, Apr 12, 2013


    In a dispensation of grace, what kind of law – including penalties and punishments – should Christians apply among themselves?

    And with the separation of Church and State, what kind of law should Christians promote for their country, that would govern both Christians and non-Christians?


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